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April 06, 2009


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Welcome to the vicious rabbit hole that is blythe dolls!
I am glad you have bonded with her -I am still unbonded. However.. I do play with her hair occationally. lol.

Please continue to take the wiggly puggie pictures though - because they are way to sweet. :)
PS - I moved! *points to new blog addy*

corinne delis

She is too cute :) and that skirt too! I am making one tonight! and our sweet jojo was asking me where I bought my blythe so she soon will be on our side as well. We could meet up and have Blythe days :)


Denise Morgan

Martha she looks like a mini you! I love her!
And I have a pic of me from the 70's on Christmas morning with my original blythe doll, and I'm gonna def scrap it. I too have been eyeing them on Ebay, last night I book marked one (or 6) I want.
Sooo wish I still had my original doll :( Oh well that's life. I wish a was hoarder back then!


so perfect for you. i can't wait to see what you do with her.


So when you were over in Holland (it as nice meeting you) Corinne took advantage and got you hooked on dolls huh? I'm not into the dolls, sorry, but I LOVE the "moving" picture!!!


omg martha, this whole post is going to give me nightmares! (-; i don't even want to look too closely at the dolls for fear of getting hooked! the dear thing is freaky too! very cute - all of it!

Beth Perry

Happy Easter!

amber renee

sooooooo adorable!! i love piccadilly, she's one of my favorites <3

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